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Web Development & Design

Our websites are all custom coded with a mix of HTML5/CSS/JS/PHP. This means we spend a good amount of time and effort on every website we do. You won't get a pre-made template website with limited functionality. Instead, you will receive a custom coded website tailored to your unique needs. Whenever I save my work, it goes to directly to a development Web server so clients can check the updates on their pages in real time.

How we charge

  • $100-$180 per Website design
  • $10-$20 per Webpage
  • $20-$50 per external resource
Development prices vary between hosting plans. Calculate your costs

What we will do

  • Custom code every page
  • Host work in progress pages on web servers so you can view them
  • Meet with you to discuss, plan, and demonstrate your website

What we don't do

  • Charge any prices by the hour
  • Use resources or objects that require Flash or Java Plug-ins
  • Use insecure, generic content management systems (CMS)

Web Development & Design Portfolio

The D

My first web project, my personal site, started in August 2007. The design has changed greatly since then. I created the current design during the Summer of 2011. I tried to make it professional while being technical and personal.


The commercial website for the business. I started it in Feburary 2012, and redesigned it from 2014-2015. It is still a work in progress.

Harbor Jewelers

In 2013 I made a website for a local jewelry store in Chesapeake, Virginia. The owner provided colors and layout sketches that I used to make a custom design. This dynamic website changes the homepage each time someone visits by randomly selecting images from each category of jewelry

Estabrook Civic League

We developed a website in 2015 for the Estabrook Civic League in Norfolk, Va. It started as a simple informational website, and quickly turned into a dynamic community hub. Instead of sending paper newsletters to everyone in the community, Estabrook is transitioning to a digital newsletter system through their website.

Royal Touch Delivered

Royal Touch Delivered is a website for a mobile massage therapist. The owner provided powerpoint slides to layout the design concept. The website allows her clients to request appointments through a form, emailing her with a link to add the appointment to her Google calendar.

Blushing Beauty Photography

is a website I made for a photographer in May 2012. She showed me other websites she liked, which were all Flash-based. I brought together an HTML5 website that did not rely on the proprietary plugin, while still providing the multi-media features of a Flash-based website.

Chesapeake Care Clinic

Chesapeake Care, a nonprofit clinic for low-income, underserved patients, had a Wordpress website managed by an advertising agency. After the clinic had multiple problems with their previous webmasters, we mirrored the old site to our servers, where we made required immediate edits. We recreated the entire website with our custom code, and will be replacing the current code for a dramatic speed increase.

Tech4Belize Mission Trip

When Daniel went to Belize with his church on a mission trip in 2015 to help build a high school, he suggested the group bring tablet computers to setup a technology room. This website provides information about the technology initiative through a simple, 4 page setup.

Urban-Hill Blues Band

The Urban-Hill website is designed to be a simple web presence for the Virginia-based blues band. The schedule page includes search-engine readable metadata about the band's performances. Google indexes this data and displays it in their search results.

Daniel's Advanced Readiness Testing System 1.0

DARTSv1 was a Python Web application Daniel developed for a school he attended. The testing system, which was only available to the students at the school, was programmed in Python to present practice questions of CompTIA certifications and allow the user to answer them. The system will tell the users if they are right or wrong after each question. The design was intended to be simple and easy to navigate.

Daniel's Advanced Readiness Testing System 2.0

DARTSv2 is a PHP Web application We developed for the same school. The testing system is now available to anyone who signs up. We accomplished a much better design and made it exponentially easier to add questions, while greatly enhancing security.

Web Hosting

Standard Hosting


  • Security
    • HTTPS/TLS encryption
  • Performance
    • High-speed SSD storage
    • In-house coded web pages
  • Availability
    • Website maintenance
    • IPv4 & IPv6 accessibility

Does not include

Starting at $180/year

Managed Enhanced Security Hosting (MESH) Service


  • Everything included with our Standard Hosting service
  • Organization Validated security certificate (a $90/yr value)
  • Custom security-focused code

Does not include

Starting at $360/year

Which do you need?

Managed Enhanced Security Hosting:

  • Dynamic Websites
  • Web Applications
  • User-submitable Forms
  • Handles personal information

Standard Hosting:

  • Static Websites
  • No transactions
  • All public information
We use dedicated Digital Ocean 'droplets' to host the sites we create.

Domain Names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique, case-insensitive human-readable identifier that directs computers to a numerical IP addresses


These domain names all point to the IP address, and are easier to remember than the number.

Why we don't handle them

When we work with clients that move their websites to us, we often find the old hosting company holds the domain name. This can cause trouble since the old host must release the domain to the customer. Barlow Computers believes the customer should always own and control their domains names.

How do you register one?

We exclusively use and highly recommend Namecheap for domain names and security certificates. However, if you want to use another domain registrar, make sure they support "Custom Nameservers" or "IPv6 AAAA Records". We advise against the companies listed below:

Do not use

  • GoDaddy - uses excessive advertising to distract from terrible business practices
  • Network Solutions - heavily marks-up domain renewal prices and lacks basic modern features (IPv6)