Worried about losing food by refrigerator failure?

My FridgeTrack platform monitors cold holding environments and texts you when temperatures get out of range for an amount of time.

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Need to automate tasks?

I configure hardware and software to help my clients save time and live easier. Utilizing tiny, specialized computers and web technologies, I can build and code a variety of solutions to take workload off of you or your staff. Here are a few of the ways I've helped people accomplish more:

Let's Innovate

In-store Audio Controller

I configured a Raspberry Pi single-board computer to play custom advertisements for a local retailer between songs that played from their music streaming service.

Payroll Tip Processing

The bookkeeper for a client was spending hours manually adjusting payroll to factor tip data. I wrote a script to quickly complete the process.

Equipment Monitoring

A commercial kitchen owner mentioned stories about her refrigerators failing, so I developed a device that would monitor their internal temperatures.

Voice-activated Printer

I programmed an Amazon Alexa device to print expiration labels for the food items a restaurant would regularly prep. Quicker and more legible than hand-written labels.