PC running slow?

Whether it's hardware or software, I have answers. I offer component upgrades and operating system reinstallations to give new life to older systems.

Let your PC speed

Internet of Things

For those situations where a full Windows PC isn't ideal or even practical, I utilize single-board computers to deliver the networked function your use case requires. Explore my custom solutions to learn more.

Solution Examples

Age of solid-state

Spinning disks are so yesterday. In almost every case, solid-state storage is superior to mechanical through its performance and power consumption benefits. If your C: drive is an HDD, lets get you on an SSD

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I'll get you connected

Offering service for a variety of network devices, from routers and firewalls to switches and access points, I can setup your small business network the way you need it.

Unique configuration? No problem.

Need a resource securely shared between two separate networks... say a copier machine to two office tenants? I enjoy networking challenges, so come at me with them!

It's complicated? Cool!

Something is just not right

Webpages taking several seconds to load? Random devices disconnecting? Strange error messages? Is your network a "not-work"? Here I am; send me.

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One size doesn't fit all

Maybe you're looking for an extensive web-based application, or perhaps just a landing page. I can develop either or somewhere in between.

Websites from scratch

Others may download a Wordpress theme, tweak some images, and call it your website. On the other hand I custom code every page to deliver a comprehensive web experience based around your specifications. Create a mockup in Photoshop or even Word and let me get to work.

Web Portfolio

Hickory Trading Web App

A local coffee bistro and gift shop wanted to accept online orders for their food and drinks. Working with them through the Summer of 2019 we were able to to deploy a custom web application that met their needs and exceeded their expectations. It is no longer active/live, but I keep a copy of it for the purposes of this porfolio. The payment integration isn't enabled either, so feel free to test out adding items to an order.

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Estabrook Civic League

I developed a website in 2015 for this civic league in Norfolk, Va. It started as a simple informational website, and quickly turned into a dynamic community hub. Instead of sending paper newsletters to everyone in the community, Estabrook transitioned to a digital newsletter system through their website.

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Paul Urban & Friends

This website is designed to be a simple web presence for the Virginia-based blues band. The schedule page includes search-engine readable metadata about the band's performances. Google indexes this data and displays it in their search results.

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Harbor Jewelers

In 2013 I made a website for a local jewelry store in Chesapeake, Virginia. The owner provided colors and layout sketches that I used to make a custom design. This dynamic website changes the homepage each time someone visits by randomly selecting images from each category of jewelry.

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Daniel's Advanced Readiness Tesing System

DARTS is a web application I started developing for a school he attended. It would present practice questions of CompTIA certifications and allow the user to answer them. The system tells the users if they are right or wrong after each question. In 2014 I performed a complete recreation of the application, which accomplished a much better design and made it exponentially easier to add questions, while greatly enhancing security. The testing system is available to anyone who signs up, or can be used with a demo account.

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Currently a single page website that hosts my resume. It is printer-friendly and will print properly formatted to a single page.

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