Our pricing model features

Below are our pricing calculators for Windows computers, network devices, and Web services.

Pricing Calculator - Windows Devices

What is an optimized device?

  • A device where we installed the Windows Operating System
  • A device with approved solid-state storage as the system drive

What does a New Device Optimization include?

  • New 250GB Solid-State Boot Drive (or $50 off higher-capacity SSD)
  • Fresh Windows 10 installation configured for security and performance
  • Migration of user data
  • Device-specific enhancements
Device Optimization Status

Service Type

Service Location

Where are Windows reinstalls performed?

  • If a Windows reinstallation is required, the device will need to be brought back to our location, which is included in the price.

When should payment be made

  • We usually ask once the work is finished and your satisfaction is achieved. Exceptions arise when parts or other orders are required for completion. We prefer checks made to Barlow Computers and cash. Cards are accepted though Square, however we pass on a transaction fee of about 3%.

Pricing Calculator - Network Devices

Coming soon.

Contact for current pricing

Pricing Calculator - Hardware Installation

How we handle component costs

We pass through our cost to you, and charge a small installation fee per part.

We round up to the nearest $10,
then add $10.

Yes, it's that simple.

Enter a component cost below to find out how much it would cost for us to buy and install the component.

Part Price:
Part Installation Fee:
Total Installed:

Prices for parts we use often

Please remember component costs change and we retain the right to update our prices at any time.

Pricing Calculator - Websites

Web Development Definitions

Total Webpages
Number of user-navigable locations that use a Website template
Webpages with Externalities
Webpages that use data from databases, other files, or other websites
Web Hosting Plan

Domain Names:

Total Webpages:

Webpages with Externalities:

Web Hosting Definitions

Web Hosting Plan
Service and security level of your website. For more information see here.
Domain Names
Unique names that point to your website, excluding www. subdomains
(if dbcs.us is one, www.dbcs.us does not count as another.)