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Residential Gateways - Routers That Never Were

They broadcast Wi-Fi signals, switch network traffic, and translate Internet packets. The one thing these devices rarely do - route. Consumer Residential Gateways, the things that most of the world calls routers, have lots of problems.

Security Vulnerablities

Almost all Residential Gateways on the consumer market have known exploitable security weaknesses. They're made for simplicity, not security; setting up, not staying up.

System Limitations

Many of these devices have less powerful hardware than what is in your phone. Often these manufacturers will put the bare minimum inside their products to cut costs, but end up cutting performance.


They may not be routers, but Residential Gateways do almost everything else. Their makers try to put an entire network infrastructure into a little box, hoping it all works well enough. Centralization is good in some places, but never when it is all dependent on a cheap residental gateway device.

Custom Built and Specialized Network Devices

Network infrastructure installed and built by Barlow Computers has unique advantages over most consumer network devices.

Client-specific Configuration

When an IT service provider, such as Barlow Computers, installs a network for you, they can account for the diverse needs of your network environment. Utilizing industry knowledge and an understanding of your requirements, we can almost always deliver a better solution than plug-and-play, out-of-the-box equipment.


When mulitple devices specialize in one task, upgrading and replacing aging devices becomes much easier and often cheaper. Networks with distributed device roles become not only more flexible, but more serviceable too. We install and configure many specialized devices, including routers, switches, wireless access points, servers and more.

Reliability and Performance

Based on your unique needs, we can design and implement networks that feature faster connections. In many cases we also incorporate fault-tolerant, redundant hardware. Examples include multiple cables, disk drives, power supplies, and even devices themselves. These provide failover capability so if one were to fail, operations can continue. Of course, specific features are dependent on and customized to your situation and budget.

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