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The Business

Daniel Barlow Computer Services, LLC was Founded in 2012 by Daniel Barlow to provide computer solutions that move the world forward. He originally used half-hourly pricing rates, but later adopted a fixed pricing model when servicing systems and networks so clients could easily foresee costs.

Office Number: 757-447-4DAN

Daniel Barlow

Daniel first used a PC when he was two years old. He has been on them ever since. However, in 7th grade, Daniel acquired a special interest in IT and started developing his advanced knowledge. He learned HTML Web development, and also practiced very basic C++ programming. The summer after, Daniel applied HTML and his general experience of computers and started TheDWebsite.net. While in 8th grade, he built his first desktop computer, which later hosted the aforementioned website for a time. Daniel quickly expanded his skills in the years after and, when high school came, he was attending the city's technology academy. His freshman year, he easily earned the Certiport IC3 certification. Daniel learned on top of his background knowledge so rapidly, he enrolled in a second school, The Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology, that offered three computer courses his Junior year. He was able to achieve his CompTIA A+ certification in the first three months and CompTIA Network+ his Senior year. In the summer after graduation, Daniel was working in a Web host's call center helping their customers. Afterwards he decided to start his own business. When Daniel is not working on Barlow Computers projects, he enjoys serving at Bridge Church, eating Paninis, and playing PC games. [Picture is of Daniel upgrading high school computer lab in Belize during a church mission trip.]

Current Certifications: CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, HE.net IPv6 Sage

Expired Certifications: Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, Certiport IC3

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Our Logo

The triple triangle logo has roots in 2006 when Daniel coined the phrase "D is for Different". Based on the first initial of his name, he created his personal website in 2007, TheDWebsite.net. The logo is composed of two green right scalene triangles on the top corners with one purple-colored acute isosceles triangle. The green triangles represent two things that are the same, as they are horizontally mirrored. The purple triangle represents a change from the others, a difference. The purple triangle always points in an upward, or positive direction, symbolizing the intent to be better. Why purple? Purple dye was once rare in many parts of the world. So rare, only the wealthy could afford it. The color, being so different than what was common, was perceived as better. Different is, of course, not always better; however better is always different. The logo isn't a representation of Daniel, or even the business. It is a representation of how they want to be.

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The logo represents being different and better.